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25 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Let’s face it; there are uncountable options that claim to drive traffic to your website. Do all of them work? No.

This is why we won’t list every traffic strategy out there but only focus on the ones (read: 7 important ways) that provide you with proven results.

Let’s get started.

1.   Write Guest Post

We will start with our favorite strategy that, in our experience, provides you with the best results.

For starters, guest posting is a tactic where you write for other blogs in exchange for a link that directs to your site. In addition to bringing improved referral traffic, this technique boosts your brand awareness and generates quality backlinks.

If a report is to be believed, about 90% of all web pages do not get any organic traffic from Google because they lack backlinks. About 55% of pages don’t have a single backlink.

The key takeaway? Get backlinks for your web page, and one of the best ways to do so is through guest posting. All you need to do is find reputable blogs that are willing to accept your guest posts.

However, make sure that your chosen blogs fit the following criteria:

  • The blog is related to your niche/industry.
  • Your chosen blog has an established reader base; ideally, readers should look commenting on and sharing its posts
  • The blog has an active presence on social media

If you are selling craft supplies, you should find DIY craft blogs with an engaged audience of creative people. The idea here is to focus on your niche.

Here is how you can find the right blogs to guest post on:

Conduct a quick Google search with keywords ‘guest post’, ‘submit a guest post,’ ‘write for us,’ ‘guest post guidelines,’ and ‘guest posts accepted.’ These searches could lead you to guest posts guidelines page of the blog or guest posts written by other writers.

Another way to find the best blogs to guest post is by searching for the best bloggers in your industry, let’s say ABC. Now, search for the guest bloggers in your industry, followed by the phrase ‘guest post by.’ In this case, ‘guest posts by ABC.’ This will provide you with websites these guest bloggers have posted on.

These blogs should be good to get started. You can connect with their editors and pitch the related topics to take things ahead.

2.   Answer Questions on Quora

You read that right, answering questions on Quora can indeed help you boost your site’s traffic.

Being a popular question and answer platform where people ask questions or answer them, Quora provides you with a perfect opportunity to connect with your target audiences and boost brand awareness.

All you need to do is respond to the right questions related to your niche, establish your authority, and generate some traffic by embedding the link to your website in your answer.

To get the best results, you need to tick the right boxes. Here are a few things to take care of:

  • Search for the best questions that are directly related to your niche and industry.
  • Once you have found an interesting question, make sure that you write an equally interesting answer that keeps the readers glued and even convinces them to visit your website. The best way here is to follow the AIDA formula – get their attention, pique their interest with facts and stories, make them desire a product/service, and convince them to take action.

3.   Create Opinion Pieces on Medium

One thing I would like to reiterate while you are posting content on blogs is:

Avoid getting the flat line. Do not keep publishing the content just because you have to. No, you don’t have to do it just for the sake of doing. Thus, only utilize your resources on publishing valuable content that could convert your traffic into paying customers.

But that’s when you hit a roadblock. You sometimes tend to dump those great topics which form great opinionated pieces but do not have any search potential. These thought pieces are important – they help you establish yourself as an authority within the industry and help you create a community of loyal readers.

But you don’t want to have such pieces on the blog. What should you do? Look upon Medium.

For starters, Medium is a blogging platform for user-generated content. This platform’s beauty is its recommendation engine that suggests articles based on the reading habits of users. Thus, even when your chosen topic has no search potential, it is likely to get found by the target readers. What’s more, Medium Staff Editors handpick the best content to feature, thus making Medium an ideal platform to publish content with less search potential.

So, here are the key takeaways that you should follow:

  • Publish posts with high search potential on your blog
  • Publish posts with low search potential which would otherwise great pieces on Medium

4.   Republish Old Articles on LinkedIn

Republishing old articles? Can you do that? Why not!

I would recommend utilizing every resource available to you to its fullest. Similar to Medium, LinkedIn is also a great platform to publish content and attract readers.

So, how do you do it? If you don’t want to publish fresh content on LinkedIn due to budget and time constraints, I have a wonderful idea – how about republishing old content?

With old content, I mean the content that is already indexed by Google but the one that still holds relevance and is not outdated. This way, Google already knows that the content first appeared on your blog and that you are republishing it on LinkedIn.

This will help you generate leads and gain traffic from thousands of people who have not seen your content.

5.   Publish an eBook

You might not have seen this coming, but publishing an eBook is an awesome way to establish yourself as an industry authority. Being a published author boosts your credibility and establishes yourself as an industry leader.

And the good news is that it is relatively easy and quick to publish an eBook:

  • You can either choose to publish it on Amazon
  • Or, let your users download it from your website by asking them to fill out a form

The benefits of eBooks over traditionally published paper books are that you can include live links in them. Thus, when a reader clicks on that link, they will land on your website. Further, if you choose to publish them on your website, you get an option to generate leads by asking them to subscribe to your newsletter or filling up a form before letting them download.

6.   Update Your Old Blog Posts

Let’s admit: Our blog posts do get outdated. The research links within the content, the studies quoted, and the trends mentioned – they turn stale, and need content updates.

So, that’s what you should do if you want to generate traffic. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Add new images and screenshots that relate well to the current times
  • Add new techniques and strategies and discard the ones that do not work anymore
  • Update the figures, quotes, and studies that you might have used in the article and have turned outdated
  • Add a disclaimer that the blog post was updated on so-and-so date

And voila! Get ready to witness increased traffic that writing a new blog might not have generated. Further, when you update a blog post and mention it explicitly, it helps you establish a sense of trust in your readers. They get to know that your website posts updated Content Marketing Strategy, and they can rely on your portal for accurate and up-to-date information.

7.   Social Media to the Rescue

I have kept the best for the last. Social media is a great tool if you want to tap into a large community of target audiences. Publish your blog’s link on social media, and you get to reap two benefits:

  • You attract more traffic to your website.
  • You boost your authority on social media.

You can further make the most out of social media by hosting contests and giveaways and collaborating with influencers.

Your Turn

So, these were a few tried and tested techniques that you must employ on your website to boost its traffic. However, most of these strategies need to be backed up with a proper action plan to get visible results. We can help. Contact us today to learn how we can boost traffic to your website on the go.