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Hormone & Antibiotic Free Extra Lean Ground Bison - Noble Premium Bison

Hormone & Antibiotic Free Extra Lean Ground Bison

The antibiotic free bison is very popular among consumers worldwide. Bison are not treated with antibiotics. It is no illegal as they are used in buffalo farming. But, as a practice, antibiotics are not used in bison farming and production. Bison meat is very rich in iron, proteins, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids. The bison’s are never fed animal by-products or given hormones or antibiotics.

Only naturally grown grass and quality grain. The bison are harvested in farms in North America and Canada, eliminating cross contamination risk. The farmers are audited on a regular basis, thereby ensuring higher standards of animal welfare.

Bison raising methods and diet:

Bison is always grass fed unlike cattle which are pasture raised. Grass fed bison is a more sustainable choice in comparison with buffalo or cattle which are grain fed and produced in factory farms. The animals are raised in naturally produced grass. Before harvest for about 24 months, they are fed on only grass and before the harvest, some 4 months prior, they are fed on grain.

Seldom pesticides are used in nurturing grass. Only natural fertilizers are used to grow the grass along with the organic compost. The best practices of ranching are followed. The bison grows heavily built and strong and provides healthy lean meat!

Quality of Bison meat:

  • Bison meat is very tastier than beef and does not possess a foul smell.
  • It is richer and slightly sweet.
  • Bison is naturally lean and lower in saturated fat than beef, chicken, pork and salmon.
  • A nutritious red meat of bison helps one to manage fat and cholesterol.
  • It is a low – carb and high protein diet.
  • Bison tastes a bit sweeter.
  • It has a lighter flavor.
  • The bison meat is not as gamey as venison, wild boar, and antelope.
  • It somewhat tastes like grass fed beef.

Why Chef’s like bison meat?

This is because of bison grazes only on western wheat grass and prairie sage. Thus, the impact on the bison’s meat is naturally tasty and the meat is fat free. It possesses superior nutritional qualities and top end flavor. The organically raised bison turns out to be a healthy animal and the chef’s world over create many recipes with heir culinary expertise. The delicious taste and high protein yielding antibiotic free bison meat is very much in demand with restaurateurs and foodies as well! The scientific approach towards the meat processing and proper execution has raised the standards of bison meat.

Cooking practices of Bison meat:

The bison meat is best for steaks. As, the meat is very leaner than cattle, so the chefs add extra flavor by ageing it and marinating. The cut of meat from the animal is also very important. It is required to note that, the meat should not be over cooked, as it will become softer and tender than required. Many cooks inject a beef broth based marinade to add moisture and go on basting while it cooks. The end result of the steak turns out to be very delicious.