Choosing a Legal Translator Dubai – Everything You Need to Know

The use of language, like any other domain of life, is crucial to the legal system, not just for the conveyance of thought, but when it comes to the law, language shapes up your identity.

A major cultural and global investment hub, a city where 80% of the population is expatriate, legal translation and interpretation in Dubai is not just a crucial service but a need of the society in all matters. Linguistics barriers exist, but the law is a unique language with its own legal terminology and specific syntax. Accurate and timely translation service is important as errors may result in delaying of business dealings and court proceedings.

Legal translation is the translation of language and documents used in legal settings and for legal purposes related to the regulation of legal relationships, including international relations and dissemination of information among law practitioners in various countries.

Why choose a legal translator Dubai?

Arabic is used in all legal and administrative work – all sorts of court proceedings and official work require the knowledge and understanding of the Arabic language; this requires all locals and foreigners to get their legal documents translated. For this purpose, various companies offer legal translation services in Dubai.

These multilingual documents may include contracts, certificates, licenses, university forms, land records, birth-death certificates, marriage certificates, affidavits, sale-purchase agreements, passports, court and witness transcripts, etc.

What to look for when choosing the right company?

Legal translation is one of the most challenging branches of translation services since it requires the translator to have good linguistic skills and explicit knowledge of local as well as international laws, legislations, standards and cultural approaches, etc. 

It is also important that the translation come from a certified translator service. Since minor errors can lead to calamitous outcomes and mishaps ranging from lawsuits to jail time, choosing the right company is very important.

Following considerations must be made before selecting your desired company for legal translation in Dubai:

●       Certified and recognized services

Make sure the company is ISO certified and recognized by the Ministry of Justice as well as other governmental organizations. This ensures you pick a qualified translator with professional experience to meet the standards of a Legal Translation Near JVC. Freelance translators and interpreters must also be affiliated with professional bodies.

●       Fluency in source and target language

The legal translator needs to be highly skilled and fluent in the source as well as the target language. Legal translator Dubai is usually equipped with the major languages spoken in the area, including Arabic, English, Chinese, Persian, Hindi, Urdu, etc.

●       Accuracy in translating non-textual aspects

Legal translation is not just word-to-word translation; in fact, the legal translator must be familiar with the tone, expression, cultural approaches, jargon used in text to translate it efficiently. A native-speaking ability helps efficient translation and interpretation. The correct interpretation of the words used is very important as different languages sometimes have various meanings or understanding of the same word or phrase.

●       Knowledge of legal terms

Knowledge of the legal terms is a prerequisite for a skilled legal translator. Being well acquainted with the laws of different cultures and the legal implications of text being translated helps avoid any mishaps in communication. Try to choose a company that provides legal translation services only rather than other translation services too.

Legal translators are usually equipped with legal dictionaries and have contacts with lawyers, which improves their standard of service offered. This keeps them informed about the most recent legal requirements and works accordingly. In addition, the legal translator must be aware of what parts of the document require translation; some pages like address information or signature pages may/may not require translation.

●       Punctuality and Confidentiality

A legal translator needs to be meticulous and punctual. In addition to this, the confidentiality of the client in these matters must be the topmost priority.  Outsourcing to a 3rd party must be protected at all costs. The company must have proper cybersecurity tools and Translator Confidentiality Agreements.

●       Availability

If there is a deadline, you need to adhere to or need a quick service, look for a company that offers 24/7 service or has multiple translators available and can work with multiple turnarounds in a limited timeframe. Check for a rush translation service available for documents that need to be translated on an urgent basis.

●       Value

Compare and contrast various companies for price and value. A skilled translator may be costly but extremely important when it comes to something as challenging as legal translation.

●       References

Review their past experiences or any samples that may be available. Ask for personal recommendations or references from people who frequently use these services or from clients who have used their services. Look at the feedback or reviews of the company you’re choosing.

●       Technological solutions employed

Enquire about the technology or software used for integration of automation and linguistics for using appropriate technology solutions can lower the turnaround times and cost-effectively. It also ensures consistency for large documents and makes the process smoother with fewer chances of error. Ask to see the CV of the translator to see if they have technical expertise.

●       Communication

Keep communicating throughout the translation project and update on any changes on your side to avoid inconsistency or errors. Also, discuss text and document formats beforehand.

●       Types of services offered

There are multiple companies having professional legal translator Dubai who are certified and registered. Some also provide a mobile service that offers you the service at your doorstep in the comfort of your home. Others have freelance translators and interpreters available.

All these factors must be kept in mind before selecting your desired translation service. A compromise on the standards of legal translation can result in disastrous outcomes. Presenting false information or interpretation can result in deportation, lawsuits, and serious legal issues. Relying on the right company with professional experience and expertise would lift the burden off your shoulders and help you with the process that may otherwise appear complicated.